International Indecency Prevention Movement.

Pujya Shree Kumar Bhai
Founder - International Indecency Prevention Movement.
H.E Governor Shri M.C. Bhandare
In the Annual Moral Science Function at Udayagiri Shikhyashram (IIPM)
Golden Jubilee Function
Eminent dignitaries addressing the audience on golden jubilee celebeation of IIPM at constitution club of India, New Delhi on 8th April, 2013
South Africa - V.C International Centre of Non-violence
Dr. ILLA GANDHI (grand daughter of MAHATMA GANDHI) at the time of discussion with Smt. Arundhati Devi at Durban South-Africa, supporting the IIPM Movement
Hon'ble Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Smt. Arundhati Devi, on behalf of IIPM Presenting books of Revd Shri Kumar Bhai to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India at his residence, New Delhi, Shri Mohan Jena M.P. is Present by the side.
International Kumar Bhai Youth Award
All India Youth Confernce 2015 at Udayagiri National School of Decency, Dr. Sarat Praharaj (Scientist, NASA, USA) Awarding Dr. Seetal Pal Babu- International Kumar Bhai Youth award 2015. Shri Kishor Diwedi (New Delhi) Dr. Mini Praharaj (USA) Present in the dias.
Dr. S.N Subaraojee and others in the Awareness Rally at Bhubaneswar for women's safety and the Gi

Aim & Objectives of IIPM

The aim of this Movement is to Work for World peace and prevent Indecency and develop decency in every department of human life for a better, happier, healthier, decent and peaceful world. To achieve this noble aim the Organization will establish social, educational, economical, literary, scientific and cultural Institution, Orphanages and Old- day Homes, Training camps, Health- care and Yoga Centers.

What is Decency

What is Indecency

Guruma Dr. Arundhati Debi -

Current Position :

Director, International School of Decency and Research, New Delhi.

Chairperson, All India Sovaniya Youth Conference.

P.R. Secretary, International Indecency Prevention Movement, Bidanasi, Cuttack, Odisha.

Secretary, Capital Sovaniya Sikhyashram, Bhubaneswar.

Guru Ma Arundhati Debi

International Indecency Prevention Movement.

Founder - Pujya Shree Kumar Bhai

A Movement for Leaders, Workers, Teachers, Students, Writers, Artists, Journalists, Film-makers, Administrators, Scientists and all Men and Women.




The Universal Truth-magazine is being released in "All India Sovaniya Youth Conference" at Udayagiri Jatia Sovaniya Sikhyashram-Jajpur in the validictory function.



 Technical session of" All India Sovaniya Youth Conference" organised by Sovaniya Andolan in collaboraration with P.G Dept of History-Utkal University in the campus of Jatiya Sovaniya Sikhyashram- Udayagiri-Diamond Triangle.



Prathana Sabha(Mass Prayer Meeting) of " All I ndia Sovaniya Youth Conference"organised by IIPM-Sovaniya Andolan at Historic Udayagiri in the Campus of National School of Decency to day morning , 3rd January 2018 inaugurated by W & CD.MSME Minister Sj Prafulla Ku. Samal with freedom fighter Maa Baidehi .




AII India SovaniyaYouth Conference" organised by lnternational Decency Movement is being inaugurated by eminent Gandhian Dr.S.N.Subarao ji at Historic Udayagiri in the Campus of National School of Decency-on 2nd January 2018 at 11 am.




This is the first Shikhyashram founded on 1.1.1974.

AIM : The aim of Sovaniya Sikhyashram is to build batches of the real ideal efficient, honest, sincere, dutiful, nobel men and women in different departments for saving the human society from jaws of indecency, greed, corruption, crime, violence and destruction and building a better, brighter, decent, disciplined, blissful and peaceful future.


    • This Sikhyashram (special type of ideal residential school) is a conglomeration of the bests of the Gurukul Ashram Educational system Satyabadi Shantiniketan, basic and modern educational system.
    • In addition of the Government prescribe courses, Moral-Science, English, Hindi and General Knowledge are taught to the students from class 1 through songs, stories and play.
    • Sanskrit and Yoga are taught from Class III.
    • A special Optional subject like Administration, Teaching, Medical Science, Engineering, Music, Fine Art, Handicraft, Science for peace, Journalism are taught to the students from class VIII according to the taste and talent of the student.
    • Some ideal dedicated lady teachers (Guru Maa) sacrificing their permanent services have joined this man-making institution and are working hard from 5 A.M to 10 P.M. for taking all care of the students (three shifts).
    • Much stress is given here on mind building and character-building and self-purification.




    • Make a Donation- You can donate towards expenditure of poor students, hostel building, fooding & accommodation charges,

    • Become a Volunteer- You may be a Volunteer as lifelong / for 6 months / for one year / three years. On the other hand the organisation will bear the basic expenses livelihood and accommodation etc..

  • Gift for a Cause- You can give as a gift for the school like Computer, Furniture,Vehicle, Library books, Bed, Clothing etc.

We Need You! Become Volunteer and part of our family. Together, we can educate many poor children. Contact Us Now!

Video of Sovaniya School


  • Testimonials

    "The movement started by Shri Kumar Bhai against indecency and for decent life.I hope it will welcome by the nation.All department of human-life should decent.Then only the life of the nation can rise higher."

    Vinoba Bhave

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I.I.P.M (Registered Under Societies Regn. Act. xxi Of 1860)

Estd.8-41962 (Regd.No.4619/385 Of 1966)

Our Aim

A peaceful, loveful, blissful world

An honest, sincere disciplined society

A decent, hopeful, Useful world

filled with love, kindness and honesty.


National School of Decency Udayagiri  Sovaniya Sikhyashram
  P.O. Chandia, Dist: Jajpur, Odisha, India.
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Be good, do good and make others good,

This is the message of God

You can never do a single bad deed

If you really love the Lord.