International Indecency Prevention Movement.

Aim & Objectives of IIPM

The aim of this Movement is to Work for World peace and prevent Indecency and develop decency in every department of human life for a better, happier, healthier, decent and peaceful world. To achieve this noble aim the Organization will establish social, educational, economical, literary, scientific and cultural Institution, Orphanages and Old- day Homes, Training camps, Health- care and Yoga Centers.

The aim of this center is make research on Blissful Reformation on Education and make every possible effort to bring an international understanding amongst the leaders, rulers and educationists of the world for introducing anew system of education throughout the world, which will give utmost importance for the EDUCATION OF THE NOBLE QUALITIES OF HUMANITY. (Honesty, Sincerity, Kindness, love, Pardon, Blissful strong Administration, Sacrifice, Service, Non-Violence, Noble Determination, Dutifulness, Discipline, Punctuality, Restraint etc.) The education of the Art and Science of Decent, Disciplined, Happy, Blissful and Peaceful Living.

    • Educational Seminar.
    • Health CAMP.
    • Blood Donation Camp.
    • Cleaning work in different Hospitals and Slums.
    • Marriage Arranged for poor girl.
    • Plantation.
    • Awareness programme to save environment.
    • Self-purification and self-introspection programme in different villages and cities are held to arouse moral consciousness in the public.
    • Immediate relief programme in fire accident, tornado and food cases.

The Sovaniya

 Programmes of The Movement

    • Programme for world peace and International brotherhood
    • Introspection and self purification programme
    • Honesty and sincerity development programme
    • Educational reform and Research programme
    • Child care and Child welfare programme
    • Training programme for ideal workers of the movement
    • Orphanage with best educational facility
    • Non formal education and creche programme
    • Adult education programme and Youth conference
    • Women education programme
    • Women organizer and women students' conference
    • Training center and work center for poor helpless women
    • Prevention of unhealthy literature, art, drama, journals, publicity materials, radio, T.V., films
    • Production of decent instructive and inspiring literature, art, drama, radio, T.V., Films
    • Health education and Health care programmes with mobile health center
    • School, college and auditorium for creative art, music and drama
    • All religions’ get together International prayer hall
    • Ideal life building camp for students, teachers and guardians
    • The New Konark
    • Training centers of blissful reformation for social workers, leaders, administrators, journalists, doctors, engineers, scientists, artists and youths
    • Research and work programme for economic development
    • Social and cultural programme for national integrity and development
    • Environmental development programme

Way To Peace

    • Honesty
    • Sincerity
    • Nobleness
    • Efficiency-farsight
    • Blissful tact-proper planning
    • Good behaviour
    • Love and kindness
    • Routine and disciplined life
    • Introspection
    • Self-purification
    • Full faith in goodness and divine power
    • Humility-Tolerance
    • Noble determination
    • Sacrifice service
    • Blissful thoughts, sweet blissful words, blissful writing and actions
    • Discard bad companion, discard indecent books, magazines, art, drama, radio, T.V., films


I.I.P.M (Registered Under Societies Regn. Act. xxi Of 1860)

Estd.8-41962 (Regd.No.4619/385 Of 1966)

Our Aim

A peaceful, loveful, blissful world

An honest, sincere disciplined society

A decent, hopeful, Useful world

filled with love, kindness and honesty.


National School of Decency Udayagiri  Sovaniya Sikhyashram
  P.O. Chandia, Dist: Jajpur, Odisha, India.
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Be good, do good and make others good,

This is the message of God

You can never do a single bad deed

If you really love the Lord.