International Indecency Prevention Movement.

About School

We will have to bring a blisful change in the educational system, administrative system, literature, art, drama, radio, video, TV and films if we want to bring real blissful change in our thinking process, speeches and action.

AIM of The School

The aim of Sovaniya Sikhyashram is to build batches of the real ideal efficent, honest, sincere, dutiful, nibel men and women in different departments for for saving the human society from Jaws of indecency, greed, corruption crime, violence and destruction and building a better, brighter, decent disciplined, blissful and peaceful future.

Some special type of ideal residential schools Sovaniya Sikhyashram have been established in different places of Odisha to build a batches of real, noble, ideal efficient, hones, sincere, determined workers, leaders and  administrators for every department of the society. Some special type of ideal residential schools Sovaniya Sikhyashram have been established in different places of Odisha to build a batches of real, noble, ideal efficient, hones, sincere, determined workers, leaders and administrators for every department of the society. Besides prescribed course of the Government, Moral Science, English, Hindi, and General knowledge are taught here from calss-1 amidst songs , stories drama and games. Sanskrit and Yoga are taught from Class ‘V’ and a special optional (like Administrative Service, Medical science, Teaching, Farming, Engineering, Honest-business, Music, Fire Arts Handicraft, journalism, Scientific Research etc.) is taught from class VIII according to the taste and talents of the students.

The aims of international centre of idal education is to make constant sincere effort to influence Government of different countries of the world and the U.N.O to take steps for introducing and living THE EDUCATION OF HUMANISM AND PEACE, the education of MORAL-SCIENCE (Practical and Theory) in all the school and colleges of all the countries of the world (Mind building, Character building and ideal life building education will surely create new ideal leaders, asministrators, doctors, engineers, artists and workers in different departments) for building a brighter, blissful, peaceful future of the world.

About Kumar Bhai

Kumar Bhai, in his various writings, made a comprehensive attempt to build an army of conscientious, patriotic and first rate citizens. He exhorted the youth, particularly the school going boys and girls, to be good in placing before them high ideas and ideas, including the contributions of great Indian leaders of ideas. He wanted these ideas to be socialized by the students. He asked them to take oath a be good enven when they see others otherwise, love their motherland, its culture, traditions and mores, be truthful, be guided by the principles of morality, justice and fairplay and maintain honesty in whatever station of life they are. “Regardless of whether others are food or not, honest or not, kind” is one of the oaths boys and girls take everday in the Sovaniya Sikshashram created by Kumarbhai.

Kumarbhai was aware that ideas and ideals have great impact on the mind of the child and the cultural foundation laid on the child’s mind is always stronger than that laid at a later stage. Besides, to speak of ideals and to put them into practice differ quite often.

To have no great dreams and no greed and to love all in face of a hostile environment and be contented with what one gets, is really, difficult. What is necessary in this connection is to repeatedly go on hammering these ideas on the child’s mind. It is always difficult to be good and ideals. Once one projects himself as a good person, he tends to make efforts to keep his image untarnished. If an uneducated poor agriculture-based man of a village could maintain himself consistently on the path of honesty and propriety, is should not be difficult for others. The path is difficult but I should walk on this only-should be ones motto.

Over View : Yugasrasta  Sovaniya Sikhyashram (National School of Decency)

    • Udayagiri Sovaniya Sikshyashram is an ideal residential school situated at historic Udayagiri an archeological place of Lord Gouttam Buddha (Dimond Triangle) near Chandikhol, Odisha.
    • Established on 1st January 1974.
    • This is the residential sovaniya school from LKG to Class X.
    • This sovaniya sikhyashram is a permanent recognized school (High school standard) affiliated to Odisha Board of Secondary Education.
    • 8 acreas of eco-campus, 3 sides river and one side hill of udayagiri. Very attractive natural site.

Our Emphasis

    • Moral Science compulsory.
    • Activity oriented Teachings.
    • Interactive classrooms.
    • Emphasis on good communication skills.
    • Spoken English classes.
    • Art, music, drama painting & sculptures.


    • This Sikhyashram (Special type of ideal residential school) is a Conglomeration of the bests of the Gurukul Ashram Educational system, Satyabadi, Shantiniketan, basic and modern scientific educational system..
    • In addition to the Government prescribed courses Moral-science, Advance English, Hindi and General Knowledge are taught to the students from Pre-Primary Class through songs, stories and play.
    • Sanskrit, Yoga and Computer are taught.
    • A Special Optional subject like Administration, Teaching, Medical Science, Engineering, Music, Fine Art, Handicraft, Science for Peace, Journalism etc. are taught to the students from Class VIII according to the taste and talent of the student.
    • Some ideal dedicated lady teachers sacrificing their permanent services have joined this ideal man making institutions and are working hard for taking all care of the students.
    • Much stress is given here on mind building and character building and self-purification.
    • The School is recognized by Educational Deptt. of Odisha.


    • Mind Building and life building education with love, affection to mold the personality of the child.
    • Songs & play way method is adopted in primary section.

Sovaniya Sikhyashram Udayagiri

Udayagiri near Chandikhol made a humble beginning on 1st January 1974 and has been pioneering in the field of education to build a strong younger generation with a sound mind and body for a better, happier, peaceful & blissful society and nation.

Activities of the students

Creative Arts

Sovaniya Sikshyashram provides creative and democratic platform for students to voice their ideas and opinions in its annually printed magazine and news letter. Music, dance, drama, visual arts, pottery, painting, cutting-sewing, debates, gardening, Odisha cake making, cooking, cultural and literary activities are extra activities imparted to the students.

Dance and Drama

We train our students to perform drama, one act play on different occasions ¬¬  teachers’s day, children’s day, Buddha Jayanti, Independence Day, Annual function day etc. to enhance the performing skills of every child. They get opportunity and exposure to present their hidden talent.


Our Students are encouraged to learn music and music instruments. They learn to sing devotional songs, patriotic songs, classical songs etc.


Our students do creative arts, painting, drawing, etc.


Indoor and outdoor games are played. Students learn to play according to the rules and understand their role in the team. The learn team spirit.


Man making, mind and life building education is our ultimate aim.

Extra activities

Yoga, Meditation, Health care


Library and lending library facility is available. Poor students take the opportunity of lending library.

Weekly Holiday

Instead of Sunday our weekly holiday is Thursday. In this day residential students participate in self introspection and self purification meeting. Students are free to do practical works & learn the things according to their taste and talent.

Remmedial Class

Students’ doubts, quarries and confusions are erased away in remedial classes. A student slow at a particular subject is paid extra time and attention by the teacher concerned.

Special Care

Yoga classes, intellectual and spiritual sessions are conducted to bring the students a peace of mind and to develop a spiritual bent of mind and to comfort the students in all kind of situations. Carrier guidance, counseling and training programme are also organized for the better future of the student.

Parent orientation

Discussion made with the parents about the curriculum & improvement of individual students.

Transport facilities

City ride bus, magic, van carry the day board students. Student also avails excursion & picnic.


Dedicated Gurumas take every care of the students. The school has an excellent team of well qualified lady teachers who are well known about of noble rules and regulations of the school and the aims of its revered founder Pujyashri Kumar Bhai. The teachers see the all-round development of the students and provide parental affection and guidance to make the hostel like a home. Teachers give emphasis on development of insight not memorization.

A day at Sovaniya Sikhyashram

      • 4.45 am : Wake up, Chanting slokas
      • 5.00 am : Fresh up
      • 5.30 am : Jagarana Songs
      • 6.00 am : Mass Prayer Class, Yoga Classes, Drill Classes with morning moral talks
      • 7.00 am : Break fast
      • 7.30 am : Preparation for school
      • 7.50 am : School Prayer
      • 8.00 am : Moral Science Classes
      • 8.40 : Other subject wise Classes (onwards)
      • 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm : Lunch & Rest
      • 3.00 pm : Meditation
      • 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm : Afternoon Classes
      • 5.00 pm : Games time and Gardening
      • 6.00 pm : Snax time & TV news
      • 6.30 pm : Prayer
      • 6.40 pm : Evening study classes
      • 9.00 pm : Dinner & TV news
      • 9.30 pm : Dairy writing & go to bed
      • 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm : Self study & preparation for senior students


Sovaniya Sikhyashram at Different Places

01 YUGASRASTA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Udayagiri Ashram, Po- Chandia,

02 CAPITAL YUGASRSTA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- G.A-53, Niladri ViharPo- Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpurm, Bhubaneswar.

03 BERHAMPUR SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Gosani Nuagaon, Dist- Berhampur.

04 KAPILAS SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Deogaon, Po- Kapilas, Dist- Dhenkanal.


06 ROURKELA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Bada Sona Parbat, I.D.L Road, Po- Rourkela-16.

07 JALDA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At/Po- Jalda 'C' Block, Rourkela- 43, Dist- Sundargarh.

08 KARANJIA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Das colony, Ward no- 15, Karanjia, Dist- Mayurbhanhj.

09 YUGASRASTA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Sovaniya Nagar, Po-Abhinab Bidanasi,

10 AGARPARA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Purusanda, Po- Agarpara,Dist- Bhadrak.

11 BOLANGIR SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Rajendrapara, Po/Dist- Bolangir.

12 CHANDINI SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At/Po- Nantar, Via- Mahakalpara, Dist- Kendrapara.

13 PURI SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Siddha Mahabir Lane,Po/Dist- Puri.

14 SAMBALUR SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Putibndha, Po- Dhanupali, Dist- Sambalur.

15 LATHIKATA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Karla Khaman, Po- Lathikata, Dist-Sundargarh.

16 CHITRAPOSHI SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At/Po- chitraposhi, Via- karanjia, Dist- Mayurbhanj. MAHLARPADA SOVANIYA SIKHYASHRAM At- Mahlarpada, Po- Badagaon, Via- Tato, Dist- Mayurbhanj.


I.I.P.M (Registered Under Societies Regn. Act. xxi Of 1860)

Estd.8-41962 (Regd.No.4619/385 Of 1966)

Our Aim

A peaceful, loveful, blissful world

An honest, sincere disciplined society

A decent, hopeful, Useful world

filled with love, kindness and honesty.


National School of Decency Udayagiri  Sovaniya Sikhyashram
  P.O. Chandia, Dist: Jajpur, Odisha, India.
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You can never do a single bad deed

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