International Indecency Prevention Movement.


Please Observe 8th April as “Indecency Prevention Day” to save Humanity from sure Destruction.
Founder Revd. Kumar Bhai

International Indecency Prevention Movement.

A Brief Sketch on the Life and

Achievements of Revd. Kumar Bhai,

Founder, International Indecency Prevention Movement.

Revd. Kumar Bhai, Orissa, India, the Founder and Chief Director who was a talented writer, poet, orator, actor, director, educationist, social worker and reformer and philosopher got the idea of International Indecency Prevention Movement when he prevented a half-naked dance-programme of a girl in a stage at Bombay, was stoned but at last was able to change the dancing girl’s heart. She promised never to dance such intoxicating vulgar dance any more. On the 8th of April 1962, which was the sixteenth birthday of Kumar Bhai, Late Padmashri Dr. Laxmi Narayan Sahoo, a member of the servants of India Society organised a meething at Cuttack Shri Ramachandra Bhavan to declare the start of Bhai’s unhealthy literature, Art, Drama, Film Prevention Movement. Dr. P.K.  Parija the then Vice-Chancellor of Utkal University presided over the function. In 1966, the Movement was registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860. The aim of International Indecency Prevention Movement is to work for world peace and International Brotherhood and prevent indecency and develop decency in every department of human life for a better, happier, healthier, decent, loveful, blissful  and peaceful world.

Bhai decided to first build some real, ideal, efficient, sincere, determined, dedicated workers in different-departments to activise the noble programmes of the movement. He humbly appealed to all brothers and sisters of the world to keep humanism above all isms and become a member of this noble movement and accept the perseverance of introspection, selfregulation and self-purification. He used to say-

                        “Let no one be good and just

                                                            But I’ll try to be

            Let this be everyone’s motto

                                                            To achieve success in life”.

He also appealed to all Writers, Journalists, Artists, Producers, Directors, Educationists, Scientists and men and women of all departments for becoming active members and co-operating members of this movement to inspire all to utilise each one’s gifted intelligence, strength, wealth, knowledge, power and talents for the blissful service of mankind. He says, “Bring a blissful change in the field of education, literature, art, drama, all publicity media, Radio, TV and Films-Our minds and taste will rise higher and there will be a blissful change in the society.

The organisation has opened a number of Schools of Decency (Sovaniya Sikhyashrams), a special type of residential schools all over Orissa for teaching thousands of children and International Center of Ideal Education at Bidanasi, Cuttack for research work and practical training to build efficient, honest and sincere workers who will give new blissful leadership and bring blissful reformation in different departments. Meetings, competitions and cultural functions are being held to arouse the social and moral consciousness of the people. He advocates sixteen steps to peace-

    • Routined and Disciplined life
    • Honesty
    • Sincerity
    • Nobleness – Noble Optimism
    • Efficiency – Farsight
    • Blissful Tact – Proper Planning
    • Good Behaviour
    • Love and kindnees
    • Introspection
    • Self Purification
    • Full Faith in Goodnees and Divine Power
    • Humanity-Tolerance
    • Noble Determination
    • Sacrifice, service
    • Blissful Thought, Sweet Blissful words Blissful Witing and Ations.
    • Discard Bad companion,  Discard  Indecent Books Magazines  Art, Drama, Radio, T.V. and films.  Accept and incourage only bliss.

To observe 8th of April as the  “Indecency Prevention Day” one has the hoist ‘Flag of Humanity’ made available by this movement.


I.I.P.M (Registered Under Societies Regn. Act. xxi Of 1860)

Estd.8-41962 (Regd.No.4619/385 Of 1966)

Our Aim

A peaceful, loveful, blissful world

An honest, sincere disciplined society

A decent, hopeful, Useful world

filled with love, kindness and honesty.


National School of Decency Udayagiri  Sovaniya Sikhyashram
  P.O. Chandia, Dist: Jajpur, Odisha, India.
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Be good, do good and make others good,

This is the message of God

You can never do a single bad deed

If you really love the Lord.